Important Articles from Indian Express: 2/9/2019

Front Page

  • Across Assam, chorus rises among MLAs NRC is faulty, many genuine citizen out (GS-2)
  • New offer from Pak : Consular access for Jadhav today (GS-2)
  • Govt schemes to get a push in nearly 27k Dalit villages (GS-2)
  • New governors for 5 states (GS-2)

Govt & Politics

  • State of economy deeply worrying : Manmohan (GS-3)

Express Network

  • Govt acting on SC directives : MEA (GS-2)
  • Mango locks to ones that slice off fingers : GI boost for Dindigul legacy (Prelims)
  • EU backs Kashmir solution through bilateral dialogues (GS-2)


  • What mergers can mean (GS-3)
  • Foetus in a foetu (Prelims)
  • 3 decades ago report that set merger template (GS-2)
  • Legacy of Firoz Shah (GS-1)


  • Nation’s orphans (GS-2)
  • Bits and economic pieces (GS-2)

Ideas Page

  • Pakistan’s UN fantasy (GS-2)

Governance Page

  • Providing basic income not just about social Justice ; It is about efficiency also (GS-2)
  • SAI begins to bring classroom to the playground (GS-2)
  • How Haryana’s rainbow scheme is transforming its villages (GS-2)


  • US says deal with Talibanis near as fighting intensifies in Afghanistan


  • August GST Revenue sees 4.5% rise over last yr, but lowest so far in FY20 (GS-3)
  • Surcharge rollback sees little impact, as FPIs continue outflow from Indian Equities (GS-3)
  • FM on job losses : Data talks only about formal sector, not informal (GS-3)

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