Important Articles from Indian Express: 2/3/2020

Front Page

  • In Meghalaya 3 deaths widen CAA, ethinic faultlines

Express Network

  • India has developed proactive defence policy
  • China at helm India faces tough month at UNSC
  • IT boom plateauing, admissions dip, many TN engg college face closure
  • Facing fund crunch govt starts procurement scheme for drug


  • Reading US – Taliban pact
  • How geologists detected gold in Sonbhadra, estimated its value
  • Many birds on decline in India, a few species found thrving


  • Delhi and after
  • Language across boundaries
  • An uneasy pact

Ideas Page

  • Tackling the big three
  • Yes Greta Thunberg can


  • MP starts providing door step delivery of govt documents within 24 hours
  • Better soil health, market linkage, revives paddy cultivation


  • Afghan peace agreement hits first snag over release of prisoners
  • Gathering banned travel restricted as coronavirus cases grow worldwide


  • Credit growth to industry, farm sector falls despite RBI rate cuts
  • FM Direct benefit transfer, GST being talked about as silent revolution
  • Feb : GST mop up rises 8% over last yr, but below Jan figures
  • ADB to provide $4mn to member countries to contain virus outbreak

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