Important Articles from Indian Express : 2/10/2023

Front Page

  • India – US ties at all-time high, will touch moon says Jaishankar
  • Afghan embassy shuts ops in Delhi cites lack of diplomatic support
  • Storing in blocks : How gravity may solve green power’s problem

Govt & Politics

  • 2 years and many reminders later, just 4 states adopt tenancy law

Express Network

  • Why do Parsis live longer ? A genetics project seeks answers


  • Religious and secular
  • Slowing momentum
  • A softer touch
  • Rhyme and reason

Ideas Page

  • Mahatma’s Dharma
  • The Rajghat consensus
  • An article of faith


  • Pro-China Opp candidate wins Maldives presidency defeats India- First leader
  • Indonesia set to launch SE Asia’s first high speed railway


  • In alarm over Conocarpus, echo of faulty policies on invasive exotics
  • Protecting protected monuments
  • How Gandhi’s image appeared on Indian Currency notes


  • India’s crude oil imports – Russia – Iraq gain at Saudi Arabia’s expense
  • GST Collection rises 10.2% to Rs 1.62lk cr in Sep
  • ATF price hiked to highest level in 11 months
  • RBI policy : Why MPC is likely to maintain a repo rate pause

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