Important Articles from Indian Express: 19/5/2020

Front Page

  • Migrants back in Bihar show high positivity 1 in 4 tested from Delhi (GS-2)
  • Testing umbrella to now cover migrants, those in hospitals with symptoms (GS-2)
  • Amphan now heads for Bengal now labelled a super cyclone (GS-)


  • As migrants return, pressure on village quarantine centres (GS-2)
  • Among states with lowest testing Telangana could be sitting on a crisis (GS-2)
  • In Kerala, free grocery to people from APL Category (GS- 3)
  • Focus on economic revival group of ministers begins meet (GS-3)

Express Network

  • Can’t lose sigh of North and West, both our foes increasing inventories (GS-3)
  • TN, Bengal, Kerala slam centre over condition to raise states borrowing cap (GS-3)
  • Centre says states power not being encroached (GS-2)


  • Uncaring states (GS-1)
  • The silent sentinels (GS-2)
  • Over to the states (GS-2)
  • A lending hand (GS-3)

Ideas Page

  • Covid lessons for economy (GS-3)
  • Diplomatic jujitsu at WHO(GS-2)


  • We cannot live in permanent lockdown.. We need to resume life but with great caution (GS-2)
  • How far can weather impact covid reproduction number? (GS-2)


  • WHO nod for probe, China backs down (GS-2)
  • Straight up fire in his veins : Teen battles new covid syndroms (GS-2)
  • Nepal cabinet approves new map including contested area (GS-2)


  • MSME’s seek clarity on salary payments, details of package (GS-3)

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