Important Articles from Indian Express: 18/5/2020

Front Page

  • Lockdown extended till May 31, but most curbs lifted, states will decide on transport and zones (GS-2)
  • Tight fist and fingers crossed : Fiscal relief this year is 1.1 percent of GDP (GS-3)
  • At WHO, India joins 61 nations to seek source of coronavirus (GS-2)


  • Maharashtra, TN, Goa extends curbs till May 31 (GS-2)
  • Now states get a greater say and ownership (GS-2)
  • Odisha bengal brace for cyclone Amphan (GS-1)


  • How human challenge works (GS-2)
  • Lessons from 2014 : How school closures in West Africa impacted children (GS-2)
  • Why does age make it more difficult to fight covid19 (GS-2)


  • Toward Swa-Raj (GS-3)
  • Underwhelming (GS-2)
  • The Taiwan question (GS-2)

Ideas Page

  • A 1991 moment for agriculture (GS-3)
  • Fighting the other contagion (GS-1)


  • Afghan rivals sign power sharing deal as political crisis subsides(GS-2)


  • No fresh bankruptcy filings for a year, some provisions of companies act decriminalised (GS-3)
  • Cenre signals shift in stance : Aarogya Setu app no more mandatory (GS-2)
  • Centre to pump 40000 crore more into MGNREGA for FY 21 (GS-2/3)
  • Footwear, textiles, pharma electronics in Centre’s list of sectors to push self reliance (GS-3)

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