Important Articles from Indian Express : 17/4/2023

Front Page

  • 1000 letters, 20 yrs : The struggle to find a place for sickle cell anaemia in textbooks

Express Network

  • NCERT : Need not notify minor deletions from text books


  • Going National
  • Murder for Murder
  • The El Nino show

Ideas Page

  • Living with El Nino
  • Unequal playing field

Express Network

  • UAPA invoked against man accused in train arson case in Kerala


  • Uttiraamerur inscription
  • Army fighting paramilitary in Sudan
  • Collecting voice samples to aid investigation : Process and legality


  • Russia war, China in focus as diplomats arrive for G7 talks


  • Hoping for progress on investment protection, GI pacts & India – EU FTA

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