Important Articles from Indian Express : 16/3/2022

Front Page

  • Karnataka HC upholds hijab ban in class : Not essential to Islam
  • How verdict upholds Govt stand and raises issues for appeal
  • SC stays Media one ban : Averse to sealed cover jurisprudence
  • Project Dolphin : Minister pulls up officials over slow pace of work

In Parliament

  • India’s missile system is safe reliable : Rajnatj

Govt & Politics

  • Matter sub judice Governor denies nod to hold speaker election

Express Network

  • Ukraine : In a first Russian army helps evacuate Indians


  • A narrowing of freedom
  • A flawed justice
  • Reality check

Ideas Page

  • For a firm in distress

Express Network

  • Concerned over giving phobia against a religion international day
  • Freedom of religion not absolute in India : HC


  • What the court argued
  • Medical devices draft policy : Aims, proposals


  • 3 EU leaders leaders head to Kyiv amid attack
  • China committed to peace talks, denies aiding Russia in war


  • Sustained price spike poses risk to growth estimates : MoF

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