Important Articles from Indian Express: 16/3/2020

Front Page

  • SAARC leaders discuss virus fightback plan, India proposes emergency fund
  • Highest single day jump in new cases , over 450 airlifted from Iran and Italy
  • UP Property damage ordinance : Tribunal can hear ex parte, can’t be questioned

Express Network

  • SAARC neighbours spell out plan to fight virus : Satellite clases to closed borders
  • Wet March throws cold water on rabi crops
  • A warrior for democracy in Pakistan, peace with India


  • Virus testing in India, elsewhere
  • To test or not : How a website will help US Decide
  • Once treated for infection can a patient relapse?
  • How a little shell tells us the day was 23 1/2 hours long once upon a time


  • Smart locking India
  • Incomplete step
  • Sorry Picture

Ideas Page

  • Growth and the farmer
  • Virus on balance

Governance Page

  • Pollution control : Jharkhand third state in India to have star ratings for industrial firms
  • KCR kits : How institutional deliveries rose by 22 percent


  • Global toll 6000 systems strched thin


  • Full review of IBC in pipeline as govt aims for faster resolutions

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