Important Articles from Indian Express: 14/10/2019

Front Page

  • Nearly 4500 J&K students avail PMs scholarship scheme
  • Nepal, China step closer to signing extradition treaty
  • Rifles to tanks, Army working on realtime database of equipment

Govt & Politics

  • Andhra govt launches water grid project

Express Network

  • Pope elevates Indian nun Mariam Thresia four others to sainthood


  • Why Loksabha is still 543
  • Plogging
  • The mysterious golden ratio : Why is it everywhere, now in human skull?


  • Xis 100 year promise
  • Where do i belong
  • After Mamallapuram
  • In his company

Ideas Page

  • Time to TOP up
  • On the edge

Governance Page

  • How Peddapalli became the cleanest district in the country
  • Enrollment will ensure schooling, attendance will ensure learning


  • From 7.5% to 6% World bank slashes India’s FY20 growth projection

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