Important Articles from Indian Express : 13/7/2022

Front Page

  • Retail inflation eases but still over 7%, IIP hits 12 month high

Express Network

  • Opp says emblem distorted, Puri counters : Perfect replica
  • Dimensions angle of view make emblem look different : Sculptor


  • Diplomatic bad faith
  • Mind the terms of trade
  • First price stability

Ideas Page

  • The people take Sri Lanka
  • At Bon belying green hopes


  • Why the euro has fallen to $1 what it means for the rupee
  • Bail law and SC call for reform
  • Why Webb’s deep field image shows and why it is epochal


  • NASA telescope’s 1st comic view goes deep
  • Putin set to visit Iran next week
  • Advanced EV batteries move from labs to mass production


  • India’s demography at crossroads : Elderly may outnumber the youth

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