Important Articles from Indian Express : 13/4/2020

Front Page

  • Start big units at 25% capacity, Industry dept tells Home Ministry
  • Over the last week slight but noticeable flattening of growth curve in corona cases
  • Almost 1 in 2 districts hit by virus exit from lock down to be tricky
  • Social distancing in Dharavi : 8.5 lakh people holed up in 2.4 sq km
  • New cases increasingly in single digit, how Kerala managed to buck the national trend


  • Red and orange capital will code areas based on severity of spread
  • Delhi wants to test more but where are the kits?
  • On free tests, centre tells pvt labs : Will take up matter in SC

Express Network

  • Looking to flatten the curve in 2-3 weeks : Govt
  • Provide counselling to migrants : Centre to States
  • Punjab’s plan for seamless wheat procurement with social distancing


  • 3 hotspots, 3 control models
  • Why false negative tests are a concern
  • How a dollar swap line with US Fed can help in uncertain times


  • April’s cruel dilemma
  • Harvesting reform
  • UNSC and Covid

Ideas Page

  • Connections and divisions
  • After the fire fighting


  • US toll tops 21000- highest globally
  • Afghan taliban confirm release of govt prisoners
  • Bangladesh executes former Army officer for assasinating bangabandhu


  • Lack of crucial components, delay in overseas regulatory nods hinder progress on testing kits
  • World bank sees FY21 India growth at 1.5-2.8%
  • OPEC Russia approve biggest ever oil cut amid coronavirus pandemic

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