Important Articles from Indian Express : 12/4/2022

Front Page

  • Let’s talk how to manage destabilising effects of Russia’s war : Biden to Modi
  • New Pak PM Shehbaz raises Kashmir, turns to Modi who hopes region is terror -free
  • Retail MSMEs push credit growth rate to near double digits

Govt & Politics

  • Tamil Nadu house resolution asks Centre to scrap CUET
  • Rajnath reviews scope of defence ties with US
  • Collegium process to appoint judges most democratic : CJI


  • Addressing poverty
  • Climate in the city
  • The third shot
  • Diversity in unity

Ideas Page

  • The larger battle for Pakistan
  • Shifting to neutral


  • Shehbaz Sharif, considered a realist able administrator


  • The language India speaks
  • How ancient megalithic jars connect Assam with Laos and Indonesia


  • Demand soaring : Tolling on the table as imported coal prices heat up

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