Important Articles from Indian Express: 11/5/2020

Front Page

  • In Kerala hotspot Kasargod, last patient is cured leaves for home
  • In living with the virus, local govt’s preparedness will be key says WHO Covid envoy
  • Step up activities in a calibrated way, CMs likely to tell PM today
  • Indian & Chinese troops clash in Sikkim, Ladakh


  • ICMR : categorise cause of death, focus on sequence of events
  • INS Kesari sets off on covid aid mission to IOR nations

Express Network

  • Nepal for bilaterl talks to resolve Mansarovar link road dispute
  • As three expats test positive, Kerala tweaks quarantine norms


  • What labour law changes mean
  • Why Florence nightingale matters today, how her legacy is under cloud
  • Covid’s Vitamin D link : What data from 20 countries show


  • Food before cash
  • One fund two safety nets
  • Reform for labour
  • What’s in a NAM

Ideas Page

  • Plotting the revival
  • Recovery that includes reforms
  • Misinformation goes viral


  • Cases spike in China, S.Korea
  • Virus forces gulf state to reckon with migrant labour


  • Currency with public continues to swell in line with lockdown extension
  • RBI Gold reserves up40.4 tonnes in 2019-20. more than half of total holdings held overseas
  • From 5.72cr in Feb, e – way bills issued falls to 86 lakhs in April
  • With revenues likely to plunge amid lockdown, states may need succour

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