Important Articles from Indian Express : 11/10/2021

Front Page

  • After 2 months, India China top generals meet
  • Enough coal stock fears of crisis misplaced

Govt & Politics

  • Second phase of Malabar exercise from Oct 12
  • Cultivation shift : Telangana to move encroaching farmers away from forest
  • Pilgrimage stop in first stretch of revamped rail link to Nepal
  • Study : Heatwave events increasing in India, occuring in new regions


  • Much in a name

Ideas Page

  • A carbon policy for the farm
  • Fixing the tax leak


  • Taxing Big Tech where it earns profits
  • Father of Pak bomb and stealer of nuclear secrets
  • Karnataka anti gambling Law : What’s changed, why it may face legal hurdles


  • Taiwan says it rejects China’s path amid show of military force


  • Vaishnaw tests call on BSNL 4 G : Aatmanirbhar vision taking shape
  • NFRA has no jurisdiction over small medium cos

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