Important Articles from Indian Express : 10/9/2023

Front Page

  • The New Delhi Consensus
  • Need to transform global trust deficit into global trust and confidence : PM
  • India – Middle East Europe Economic corridor unveiled : Journey of dreams and hope
  • Real big deal : 7 reasons why corridor charts new course in changing world
  • G20 becomes G21 as India takes lead i bringing African union to global table

G20 in New Delhi

  • For Biden communion service before summit, priest brings with him Goan delicacy Bebinca
  • Repairs eye on rain : NDMC’s control room on G20 duty
  • PM and Sunak agree to expedite FTA negotiations
  • PM holds bilateral meetings with Japan’s Kishida Italy’s Meloni

G20 Explained

  • Sense of the consensus
  • Data to oil gas to goofs : Seamless sea rail-corridor from India to Europe

G20 in New Delhi

  • Strongly deplore all acts of religious hatred
  • Health declaration : Focus on healthcare, long covid research
  • Member’s agree to triple green energy capacity by 30
  • Commitment to global food security and nutrition for all
  • G20 addresses small arms, terror safe heavens
  • Brand Bharat, loud and clear
  • Konark the backdrop : Wheels of time keep changing
  • In declaration leaders pledge to halve digital gender gap by 2030
  • Members commit to inclusive, rquitable and quality education

G20 in New Delhi

  • More voice to funds, outcomes for global south to keep pace
  • PM Modi launches Global biofuels alliance : 19 countries 12 global bodies agree to join
  • G20 Cosensus on deploying digital public infra for financial inclusion
  • India to offer cross border payments for NRIs in UK

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