Important Articles from Indian Express : 10/5/2022

Front Page

  • Lanka PM resigns after violence ruling party MP dies in clashes
  • Centre to SC : We will relook at sedition you defer hearing case

Govt & Politics

  • Next census will be in electronic mode : Shah
  • China intent has been to keep border issue alive


  • Don’t step back

Ideas Page

  • US and Asia after Ukraine
  • Gendered Governance

Express Network

  • SC gets two judges strength goes up to 34
  • Far reaching ramifications, need time : Centre
  • Cyclone asani to come close to east coast


  • Behind low wheat procurement
  • What new finds at Harappa site could mean
  • UIDAI says Aadhaar data can’t be used in crime investigations


  • With brother Mahinda’s resignation road only gets tougher for Gotbaya


  • Re hits record low, breaches 77 level : imports to get dearer
  • 9.99% ethanol blending in Petrol

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