Important Articles from Indian Express: 10/5/2020

Front Page

  • A week into relaxed lockdown, centre stays on course to open (GS-2)
  • Pakistan rejects India’s inclusion of PoK in weather bulletins (GS-2)


  • India rejects Nepal claim on border road (GS-2)
  • Signs of change in covid strategy (GS-2)
  • Aarogya team shares 600 potential local hotspots (GS-2)
  • ICMR readies new covid surveillance survey (GS-2)
  • Triple anti viral combo shows early promise (GS-2)

Express Network

  • National infant mortality ratea 32, MP worst performer (GS-2)


  • FM : 18.2k cr paid to 9.13 crfarmers under PM-KISAN, 3 cr avail moratorium benefits (GS-3)
  • With industries set to reopen, NDMA issues owrkplace safety guidelines for factory to contain covid 19 spread (GS-3)


  • Behind Kerala corona success a long legacy (GS-2)
  • Lift the lockdown (GS-2)


  • Fresh South Korea Germany cases show dilemma in easing measures (GS-2)

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