Important Articles from Indian Express: 10/3/2020

Front Page

  • Markets infected
  • Silver lining : Sharpest oil slump since 1991 may help ease pressure on deficit
  • First time in India Anti-HIV drugs used on Italian couple with coronavirus in Jaipur
  • HC orders hoardings removed
  • 44 companies from 10 big groups accounts for 34000 crore yes bank loans

Govt & Politics

  • Telangana govt proposes creation of state health directory
  • Govt to launch Mahua based alcoholic drink

Express Network

  • Considering a country of our size, we have handled the situation to best of our ability
  • Lancet study decodes progression of novel coronavirus symptoms


  • How Yes Bank ran into crisis
  • Why all of Europe is at risk from Italy’s flu
  • What is Haryana’s quota within SC quota for college admissions?
  • Which strain of coronavirus has come to India
  • What treatment is given to the patients of COVID 19


  • Justice for the voiceless
  • Taking the plunge

Ideas Page

  • A prescription for revival
  • Medicines and frontiers


  • Threat of virus pandemic is now very real, warns WHO
  • Ghani sworn in as Afghan President, rivals hold parallel inauguration


  • Rupee below 74 level, bond yields down on global crash
  • Oil prices plunge by a third as Saudi, Russia turn on the taps
  • Surplus liquidity in system but downturn fears remain
  • IMF : Govt should offer cash transfers, tax relief to ease coronavirus effect
  • AT -1 bond exposure of investors to Indian banks at 93000 cr

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