Important Articles from Indian Express : 1/7/2023

Front Page

  • IMD brings some cheer : July rainfall likely to be normal
  • Uttarakhand’s UCC draft ready, likely template for Centre law
  • In Phone call, Modi Putin discuss failed mutiny by wagner chief

Govt & Politics

  • Rajiv & Shah Bano in mid 1980s to Modi in 2024 : Why UCC is back on frontburner
  • New Manipur security strategy : One force one area

Express Network

  • Another wasted opportunity : India criticises delay in UNSC reforms
  • UK supports India’s bid for Permanent council membership
  • downturn in relations created by China not India : Jaishankar


  • Justice not uniformity
  • Fraying the fabric
  • Fertiliser for thought

Ideas Page

  • Future readying India
  • The quota within
  • Reading the rankings

Express Network

  • 1st century BC plaque among 105 antiquities to be returned by US
  • CJI stresses need to take legal aid service to people


  • France burning : Macron tells parents to keep teens at home faults social media


  • India’s critical minerals
  • Excessive groundwater extraction has shifted the Earth’s axis
  • Removal of extra import duty on US apples : how it can impact Indian growers


  • Incidental expenses on education& health fall under LRS to attract TCS
  • Govt raises interest rates on select small savings schemes
  • 8 key infra sectors grow 4.3% in May

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