Important Articles from Indian Express: 1/4/2020

Front Page

  • Across the nation race to trace contact of Tabligh meeting
  • As US death cross 3400 ICMR compares: Infection probability is low in India
  • Pre lockdown stocks running out stores wait for trucks and labour


  • City sees cleanest March air in 5 years
  • First link was spotted on Marchi 17 list of foreigners took till 21st
  • Clusters lead to surge in spread but could help contain it too
  • Kerala district with links to Dubai among those with most cases
  • Went to ICMR with rapid test idea, it said India system is foolproof
  • Malaria drug antibiotic combo now on treatment list
  • Portal launched for stranded foreigners
  • Industry raises key issues in supply of PPEs, ventilators
  • IITs join covid fight, offers low cost ventilators, test kits
  • Researchers work on 40 different vaccines around the world 1 in India


  • An eerie quiet
  • World is not a village
  • Stepping up the fight
  • Parts of a whole

Ideas Page

  • How to make lockdown succeed
  • The crisis in a larger frame
  • Virus in social context


  • PM speaks to macron experts from India, France to share virus info


  • Rate of spread in India world
  • Tablighi Jamaat : its purpose how it runs
  • Testing tracking, proecting elderly : Why germany have few deaths
  • How does alchohol in sanitizer kill the virus


  • US Spain witness deadliest day


  • Govt hikes WMA limit with RBI by 60% ; frontloads borrowing
  • Oil steady on US – Russia talks
  • A week into lockdown : Disruption in supply of essential medicine, dearth of staff at drug store

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