Important Articles from Indian Express : 1/12/2021

Front Page

  • Riding consumption and farm uptick, economy grows at 8.4% in 2nd quarter
  • No free covid treatment for hose not vaccinated
  • Demographic balance upset in border sates BSF DG on 50 km rule

In Parliament

  • Govt studying how to handle crypto ads

Govt & Politics

  • Give space to unknown freedom fighters : House panel on textbooks


  • How to read Q2 GDP
  • How the Republic of Barbados came to be


  • Capital gains
  • Follow the science

Ideas Page

  • The demographic twist
  • Driving into the future


  • Rural wages : Kerala tops list, 15 states lag national average
  • Core output up 7.5% in october : Natural gas coal leads growth
  • Urban jobless rateat 9.3% in Jan -Mar

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