Context: The impact of extreme weather events is felt at Sagar island, location of the annual fair and the largest island, to which villagers left homeless elsewhere have retreated. Geotextiles have been placed along the beach to prevent erosion after the cyclone Yaas of May 2021, when it suffered a major structural change. 

What are Geotextiles? 

  • Geotextiles refer to permeable synthetic textile material.  
  • Generally, it is produced from polyester or polypropylene polymers.  
  • Geotextiles are used to increase soil stability, provide erosion control, or aid in drainage. 
  • Geotextile is an ideal textile material for roads, ports, landfills, breakwater construction, drainage structures and other civil projects.  
  • According to The Textile Institute, “permeable textile material used for filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement and stabilization purposes as an integral part of civil engineering structures of earth, rock or other constructional materials”. 

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