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  1. We’ll meet your oil needs: Saudi Arabia (GS-2 Bilateral Relationship)

Important Points

  • Ties with Delhi a strategic priority for Riyadh
  • Saudi Arabia stands committed to meeting all of India’s energy needs, especially in oil
  • Increase in investment in India
  • The ongoing belief that the rise of electric vehicles would mean the decline of oil missed the reality of the situation
  • Conventional vehicles, still represented 99.8% of all vehicles in the world. Electric vehicles are in the passenger vehicle segment, which accounts for only a quarter of oil demand.
  • “The majority of oil demand comes from sectors like heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles, and this demand will remain for a long time to come,”
  • Research about India Saudi Relationship

2.Pollution forecast system unveiled (GS -3 Environment Pollution)

Important Points

  • Pollution forecast system that can alert, three days in advance, about the likelihood of extreme pollution events and dust storms
  • Available to the public via the CPCB and the Environment Pollution Control Authority
  • The National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, the IMD and the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune

‘12 courts set up to try MPs and MLAs’ (GS -2 Judiciary)


4. Hawking’s book warns about superhumans

‘Climate change brews trouble for beer lovers’ (GS -1 Climate Change / GS -3 Environment)


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