Important Articles from Indian Express Date : 6/12/2018

Front Page

  • CBI gets Michel custody : Need to show him papers, get details of money trail 
  • India now has a witness protection programme in place
  • Upper caste share is down, more marginal groups enter campuses

Express Network

  • Michel 20th to be brought from UAE since 2002
  • India’s heaviest satellite GSAT 11 launched
  • India drives global rise in CO2 emission : Report


  • Paying for the climate clean up
  • Extreme weather report : Four neighbours worse hit than India
  • Kilkenny cats
  • New at the climate summit
  • The role of the 5 Sikh takhts and the debate over a proposal for a 6th


  • Death of an SHO
  • A nation wronged
  • The Oil effect

Ideas Page

  • Context for the Gotra warriors
  • Short on nuance


  • If US starts developing banned missiles, we will do it too says Putin


  • Reserve Bank keeps rates same, cuts inflation forecast
  • Liquidity pressure in NBFC sector eases : Acharya
  • Digital India empowering masses, says Prasad
  • Quickest growth in services sector since July


  • Sea of troubles
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