Important Articles from Indian Express Date : 21/11/2018

Front Page

  • At UNICEF Children’s day, 13 year old skips school to clean toilets 

Express Network

  • State Govt introduces treatment protocols for doctors
  • Expanding ties with Bhutan India’s priority
  • Health and Environment effect to be criteria for clearance to thermal plants 


  • Why soyabean is key to MP
  • Manodhairya yojana
  • New index quantifies how air pollution cuts life expectancy


  • Calling a truce
  • Urban only in name
  • With due respect
  • A good step back

World Page

  • China : Hope Maldives govt will make right choice over FTA


  • Revaluation gain not to be considered
  • Committee on RBI reserves in a week 
  • India seeks WTO panel against US for imposing high duty on steel aluminium
  • Economic constrains making duty elimination difficult


  • Where borders are the migrants (For IR and Pol Science optional)
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