Important Articles from Indian Express Date: 1/11/2018

Front Page

  • Submit Rafale’s price details and offset partner terms: SC to Govt 
  • Govt dials down: RBI autonomy key, public interest is our guide
  • Global Ease of Doing business, debt clean up , tax reforms lift India 23 ranks up to 77
  • RBI fears special window for NBFCs may open door to misuse

Govt and Politics

  • PM: Govt striving to achieve Sardar’s dream of one India
  • MoEF study to evaluate health effects of environment exposure in 20 cities

Express Network

  • Anupam Kher steps down as FTII chairman, cites US TV show


  • RBI & Govt a delicate balance
  • Global compact for migration 
  • Ethics in self driving car: whom should it opt to save in an accident

Editorial Page

  • Not a holy book 
  • Cease fire 
  • Cure in progress

Ideas Page 

  • An imaginary friend 
  • Celebrating the unifier 


  • NASA’s Kepler telescope retires after finding thousands


  • Our major challenge is to make people feel reforms
  • Govt to Whatsapp: not seeking decryption but traceability of provocative messages
  • Core sector growth slows down to 4 – month low of 4.3% in September
  • India certainly not a tariff king says World bank official
  • Liquidity crisis more measures are needed

The Rural

  • Mechanical solutions
  • Maharashtra dismantles monopoly of APMCs 
  • How doubling of farmers income is possible even with small landholdings
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